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Why Do People Really Love Science Fiction Movies?

New science fiction movies appear every single month and it is hard to argue with the fact that there are so many Sci-Fi franchises that basically changed the entire movie industry. These movies are highly attractive but most people do not actually understand why that happens.

The main reason why people love science fiction movies is that we normally want to fantasize about what would happen in the event that something happens. The Sci-Fi movies basically take full advantage of imagination and brings in possible answers to questions we regularly ask:

  • Is there life on another planet?
  • Are there aliens watching us?
  • Is the life form that will contact us friendly?

According to lolhit.com, this imagination factor is the main reason why we love these movies so much but we should also highlight the fact that there are other elements that we naturally love and that we are drawn to in movies like excitement and suspense. We see romance in some cases and the battle scenes are almost always memorable. Storytelling is of a really high quality, usually provoking intriguing questions and films will often tackle subjects like philosophy and ethics.

Some of the classic Sci-Fi movies that basically had a huge effect on the entire industry include:

  • The Matrix Trilogy – A franchise that simply changed video editing and tackled a highly controversial theme, making the viewer ask a lot of questions.
  • The Star Wars Movies – Known and loved by millions of people from around the world, combining power, love, the universe and battles into one great movie that can only be described as a classic.
  • The Star Trek Movies – Trying to answer questions about what happens in outer space is tricky but if you use your imagination, scenarios like those that appeared in these movies are highly attractive.
  • E.T. – One of the very first movies that portrayed aliens in a way that was positive. Both adults and children loved this movie and just wanted E.T. to get back home.

Science Fiction movies are popular and will always be popular because of the fact that they take advantage of our natural imagination, although they are usually not considered for Emmys. It is normal to want to think about what the world would look like in specific scenarios so we can safely say that this is one of the movie genres that will never lose popularity. New Sci-Fi movies will keep appearing and they can only make the entire movie industry better.

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