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Snap a Picture of Your Favourite Canadian Landmark & You Could Win a Camera Travel Pack

Traveling and photography pretty much go hand-in-hand, particularly with the compact nature of impressive digital cameras these days. And since summer is the best time to go exploring your surroundings, Henry’s has rolled out a fun contest this month to get you outside snapping some shots.

1Image source 1nancyandshawnpower.com

For their “From EH to ZED” contest, take your best photo of a Canadian landmark and submit it on the Henry’s Facebook page. From there, Facebook users from all over can vote for your shot. The top ten finalists with the most amounts of votes will then go before a Henry’s representative, who will choose the winner. The prize: a travel pack that includes a Lowepro Backpack, a camera lens travel mug, and an ORB passport holder and travel strap.

2Image source 2www.warrenprior.co.za

My chief annoyance with photographing on the go is carrying the camera equipment with you, either slung around your neck or jammed awkwardly into bags. Lowepro makes comfortable quality backpacks for your digital and DSLR cameras that compartmentalize and protect equipment while you move around, so it’s essential for your journeys. Plus that travel mug is pretty funky too.

So experiment with some shooting while showing off your Canadian pride and you might just win some gear. The contest closes on July 31 though, so check it out now.

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