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Lighting on a Set


Lighting a set entails people, equipment, and technique. Lighting equipment include diffusion gels, stage tools, and gaffers tape, which are described below.
Diffusion is a technique used to make light cooler to the eyes, natural on your subject and in your video. Basically, hard light produces distinct shadows, which highlight imperfections. Soft light forms opaque and spread-out shadows. Stage lighting uses diffusion filters also known as diffusion gels, which soften the light in order to lessen or disperse shadows or brightness.

Grip operate the lighting and rigging on a set. They set up, take down, transfer, and adjust dollies and cranes. They are also in charge of the non-electrical side of modifying the lighting. It is essential that he have a set of tools that can protect and help him efficiently.
A grip needs to have heavy-duty work gloves to protect his hands while tweaking hot lights or rigging a camera. Leather gloves are great but fleece gloves are perfect for outdoor shooting during winter. Crescent or lighting wrenches are important to a grip especially since they are one of the tools that is used most often, such as rigging or setting up lamps.

Grips should always have a gaffers tape on hand all the time. Gaffers tape is one of those multi-purpose solutions to numerous surprising issues. It is made of cloth and can be torn by the hand without difficulty. Aside from fastening cables and wires, gaffer tape can also be used to hold a gel in place, or to make a short-term fix for an equipment, or even to just label your radio or water bottle. Gaffers tape does not leave any residue when removed, making it the professional choice for stage blocking or even just to attach a note to an equipment. Find the best gaffers tape by visiting www.gafftapes.com
Knives, flashlights, laser pointers, and headsets are just among the many tools used by grips to handle lighting on a set.

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