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Have You Considered a Photo Booth For Your Wedding?


When people get married, they hire wedding photographers as a matter of course. It goes without saying that a couple would want to remember its special day in perfect detail. However, some couples do not realize that their guests want to remember those weddings as well. For guests, weddings are days on which they look their best, eat amazing food and see friends that they might not get to see very often. Weddings are the best parties of most people’s adult lives. It is only natural that everyone in attendance would want commemorative photos.

The problem is that the typical couple simply cannot afford to provide professional photography for everyone; wedding photography is expensive as it is, and arranging the timing of the posed bridal party photos is difficult. There is no sense in compounding those issues by allowing everyone to be photographed that way. One solution would be to take pictures of guests as they arrive, as if they were on a Hollywood red carpet – see our previous post about the importance of great documentation for your wedding for some good ideas . Another fun option is to provide guests with a photo booth at the reception.

People love walking into a reception area and seeing a photo booth. Something about being photographed on a fun day makes the event feel even more exciting. Photo booths carry a sense of nostalgia, making people remember childhood summer vacations. They are also a bit retro. Any wedding that has a do-it-yourself aesthetic would be complemented by the addition of a photo booth, especially if the booth were decorated in a vintage style.

Costs for your photoboth

It costs at least £500 to rent a fully-stocked photo booth for one day. This includes the camera equipment, the photo paper and funny hats and props. Many companies are incorporating technology that stores all of the photos taken during the day so they can be uploaded onto the bride or groom’s computer after the wedding. This way, all of the pictures from the photo booth can be shared with everyone who attended the wedding.

The couple could add its own unique touch to the pictures by providing a personalized backdrop for the photo booth. Though some booths come with multiple backdrop choices, the pictures would be more special if the couple added a swatch of fabric that reflected the wedding theme, location or time of year. A couple is usually too busy on its wedding day to speak at length with each guest, so the pictures would show the bride and groom what was happening in the little moments while they were otherwise occupied. The pictures become keepsakes for the couple as well as for the guests.


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