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Expendables for Film & Photography


The ever growing costs related to making a film are currently on the rise. Production costs for lighting and sound have definitely seen better days. While companies working in film attempt to cut costs, finding the right costs to cut could be risky.

Expendables and equipment have increased 10-20% in the last 2 years alone. Expendables like tape, props, gels, and other items could be just the right kinds of supplies to save your production company money if you are being pressed to cut costs. The average prices of items like tape have risen to 23% over the last five years. Tape is a consumable item that any film set goes through frequently. How much tape are you really going through? Based on a study from a small research consulting firm out of Los Angeles, California, production companies that work full time 9 months of the year will go through 6-8 cases of gaffers tape. The price of gaffers tape can run $300-500.00 per case and the most popular 2” Black made by a company like 3M could run you $800-1000.

Gaffers tape is an item that is known to the adhesive industry as a specialty item. The largest consumers typically work in sound or lighting and they spend on average $4000.00 or more a year. This specialty tape has a decent shelf life of up to one and half years in most cases. Finding a wholesaler instead of using a dealer or sales rep could help you in getting better pricing. One company that has been in business for almost 20 years who specialize in adhesives for the film industry is Gaff Tapes. We’ve got great news for those looking to cut costs, this company will deliver the same quality of tape for about 35-40% less of the other companies cost. This 35-40% you will save is because they sell in bulk and by the case or half case only. This eliminates the middle man which in turn saves the Production a lot of money in the long run.

You can learn more about Gaff Tapes by visiting their website: https://gafftapes.com/en/wholesale-gaffers-tape/29-black-gaffers-tape.html

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